Gillian Lwangu Piroth is the founder of MyEthnic Cooking & Catering (MEC), the first African cooking school in Germany which was founded in May 2019. She’s an expert for extraordinary African Team Cooking events for large multicultural companies.

Gillian was born and raised in Kenya before relocating to Germany almost 20yrs ago. She has more than 7yrs working experience in organizing extraordinary African cooking events and also in preparing African dishes for exclusive events. She has had great opportunities to hold Team Cooking events with international banks in Frankfurt and London. She’s also an expert in private catering for family events, home cooking and regular cooking classes that takes place every Saturday in Germany.

Gillian’s main goal is to integrate African food culture as she also tackles issues of racism in Germany. She works in cooperation with Elizabeth Horlemann on the RaceThink dinner project. RaceThink dinner is a round table discussion on matter of racism. Since racism discussions always start at our home dinner tables we are giving the white people an opportunity to discuss, clarify and understand the impact of racism as we serve delicious Soul Food.