The most common understanding of racism in our country is limited to the “interpersonal” level of racism—the personal prejudice and intentional bias in our individual interactions across different races. A different and emerging explanation of racism contends that interpersonal racism is actually a symptom of a more fundamental system of racism—an array of cultural norms and institutional policies and practices that routinely produce racially inequitable outcomes, often without individual intent or malice.

This workshop guides participants through a history of white supremacy and its manifestations in the modern world. This interactive training will allow participants the opportunity to analyze white supremacy, examine the ways in which communities of color have been affected, and arm themselves with solutions to manifesting racial justice in their own communities.

Think about your workplace; where is your organization on the continuum?

Ideally, where would you like your organization to be?

What would it take to get there and what are you willing to do to assist?